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Bump Stop Coil Spring Unloader

This is used to unload very soft springs that are pre-loaded beyond the coilover adjustment range.

Install the unloader attachment as shown, the larger part from the back. Attach the smaller piece as shown w. the 2) 3/8" screws (w. knobs). DO NOT USE THE UNLOADER WITHOUT BOTH PIECES ATTACHED. Install the 2) 1/2" pins as shown to lock the unloader in place.
Install the 1/2" shock pins as shown. DO NOT COMPRESS THE SPRING UNLESS THIS PIN IS INSTALLED IN THE SHOCK. Remove the 1/2" pins from the upper support. Compress the spring assembly using the jack until the coilover cup can be removed from the shock. Release the jack so the spring is unloaded. You can change the preload on the spring by turning the long hex nut on the top while holding the coilover collar with a spanner wrench (not incl.). First tighten the 3/8" hex bolt as shown.

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Part: #52-73501