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Basic Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Instructions

Push ON to turn gauge on. Gauge shuts off automatically after 3 minutes. Turn back on if needed. Gauge auto-zeros at turn on. If zeroing is ever needed push ON and hold for 3 seconds.

DO NOT DROP THE UNIT. KEEP IT CLEAN AND DRY. DO NOT EXPOSE TO STRONG ELECTROMAGNET FIELDS (caster/camber gauge magnets?). DO NOT EXCEED RATED PRESSURE. This unit runs approx. 1000 hours on the internal battery. When the Low Batt indicator appears in the upper right of the display (see below) replace w. a quality CR2032 ‘coin’ style battery. Access is on the back of the gauge.

To convert to metric - Bar or other - following the instructions below:
• Turn gauge on. When 0.0 appears push AND HOLD the UNITS button on the right side.
• After 3 seconds the unit indication will start to flash. This is along the top of the display. PSI on the upper left.
• Release the UNITS button, then push again to change. Options are PSI, BAR, Kgm/cm2, and kPa.
• Once you have reached your selection stop pushing the button. The gauge will return to normal function in 5

Basic digital tire pressure gauge head

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