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Memory Stopwatch Quick Start - 22164

Memory stopwatch 22164 Memory stopwatch display

To begin push Mode button (on top) until display is as shown.

  • To start timing push Start/Stop. Lap times will be on middle line. Total run time to that lap is on the top. Continuing total run time is on the bottom.
  • To get individual consecutive laps push Lap/Reset each lap.
  • To stop timing push Start/Stop. You can resume by pushing Start/Stop again.
  • To stop timing and reset push Start/Stop, then Lap/Reset. Lap count goes to 000.

To recall Memory push Recall. Display will change (see). Use Recall to scroll up thru memories. Lap number is shown at Lap Count on display. Push Start/Stop to get Average Lap Time. Push Mode to exit Memory. Memories are erased when you reset, then start timing again.

  • Battery access in on the back. Remove the clip first. Replace w. a quality CR 2032 ‘coin’ battery. Note polarity - + is up.
  • Do not drop the watch.
  • Keep it away from strong magnetic fields (caster camber gauge magnets?).
  • Keep the watch clean and dry.
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