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Computerscales AccuSet II RC Car Instructions


  1. Set up pads along side car. Scale pads are marked RF, LR, etc. They MUST be used in this location.
  2. Connect cables from control box – note RF, LR, LF, etc. on control box. Cables MUST be connected to this corner of the car.
  3. Turn on control box, allow to warm up for a minute or so. Push Zero. This defines "0" weight. DON'T PUSH ‘ZERO’ AFTER CAR IS ON SCALES.
  4. Lift car and slide pads under the wheels. For more consistent cross weights "shake" car up & down gently at each corner to settle out any suspension friction.
  5. System shuts down after 30 minutes to extend battery life. If needed simply turn back on. DO NOT RE-ZERO unless car is off scales.

Computerscales RC Car display

General Tips:

  • Route the cables so they do not touch either the car or another pad.
  • Store in a clean dry place. Remove batteries if scale will be unused for more than 3 months.
  • These scales measure very small weights, especially in grams. The weights may require 10-15 seconds to stabilize.
  • Capacity per scale pad is: 12 lbs. WEIGHT OVER THIS COULD DAMAGE LOAD CELLS and cannot be warrantied. DO NOT DROP PADS!!! That is almost a guarantee of load cell damage. Really!
  • Keep away from static electricity. Keep the system clean and dry.

Computerscales RC Car displays

To Change Units:

Push & hold the “WHEEL WEIGHTS“ button. When display changes (~3 sec.) release, then push again to select units. After 5 seconds system will save change and revert to normal function. Options are: Grams, .1 oz., & .01 lb. Units are displayed on the third line on the right side.

This model has pad cable storage

You can get just the amount of cable you need and store the rest inside the bottom part of the control box.

Just loosen the nut where the cable goes into the control box. Pull out or push in the cable until you have the correct amount for your layout. Hand tighten the nut. Repeat for the other 3 cables.

Note: These scales are very sensitive. If a cable is even touching the car or another pad this force, as small as it is, will affect the weights. Ground movement can also affect weight stability.

This system has a 12 lb./pad capacity. Weight above this may damage load cells.

DO NOT DROP THE PADS! Being so sensitive they will be damaged by impact.

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