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Replacing Your Tire Pressure Gauge Head

  • Put Gauge Bleed Body into a table vice (protect valve with a dry cloth) so gauge is sticking out face up from the end of the vice.
  • Tighten vice.
  • Put wrench on fitting on the bottom of the gauge head (some smaller gauges may require the rubber boot be pulled back to expose the fitting).
    • Liquid Filled: 14 mm wrench
    • Analog dry (all models): 9/16” wrench
    • Economy, Semi-Pro & Deluxe Digital: 5/8” wrench
  • Turn wrench counter-clockwise.
  • Clean all threads on bleed body with a small wire brush to remove any Teflon®  tape or Locktite®.
  • Apply several wraps of Teflon® tape to new gauge head fitting threads making sure to wrap in the same direction as the threads.
  • Thread new gauge head on to bleed body making sure gauge head is centered with the bleed buttons.
  • Apply pressure to gauge while simultaneously squirting a small amount of soapy water around the threads of the gauge head to make sure there are no leaks.


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