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Computerscales XLi - Adding a Custom Car Icon

Your Computerscales® XLi Tablet scale system allows you to add a custom car icon to the app.  You will need a good overhead photo of your car to create the icon. You can send your photo to us (JPG, PNG or other image format) and we will create and email the PNG icon file back to you. You can also create the icon yourself with your photo editing software.

To use a custom car icon:

  • Image must be an overhead shot saved as a PNG file with transparent background
  • Car image must be facing up to orient the LF to the app default
  • Size should have a width of 124 pixels and a height of no more than 304 pixels
  • Filename must be customcar.png
  • Image must be placed in the Longacre folder on your tablet - if a Longacre folder was not created by default when the app was loaded you will need to create one in the storage directory on your tablet or phone. 
  • Once the customcar.png image has been copied to your tablet simply launch the app, swipe to the setup screen and choose Custom for the Car On Display option

Computerscales XLi custom car icon  Computerscales XLi Setup Screen

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