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AccuTech™ Sprint Car Panel Installation

  • Longer black wire – To the mag for kill switch. This panel is self-contained and pre-wired.
  • Switch - Down – Shuts off low oil pressure light and grounds mag to kill motor (if used – optional).
              -   Up – Activates low pressure light, ungrounds mag (start motor).
    Be sure to shut switch off in the pits so the oil light goes out and battery stays charged.
  • Battery – Low oil pressure light is run by the 9 volt battery on the back of the panel. Replace with a quality alkaline battery as needed. The light uses an LED bulb that consumes very little power. If not left on accidentally it should last most of a season.
  • Installation - This panel can be installed from the engine side using the Dzus® fasteners included, in which case it can be disconnected from the dash and stay with the motor.
  • Weather resistant – This panel is reasonably water resistant. The gauges have been sealed and the switch is seal coated. However it is NOT recommended that the panel – front or back – be high pressure washed directly.
  • Gauge connections – The oil pressure gauge must be connected to the motor, preferably with a #3 or #4 braided line with AN fittings. The water temp gauge sensor is to be mounted so it senses water coming out of the motor. Be sure there is enough room inside the water jacket for the temp bulb. If not we have a different fitting that spaces the bulb farther out. We also have a 3/8” NPT fitting for installing the bulb in the side of the head. Call your dealer or the factory.
  • Temp gauge line – This line is sealed tubing to operate the gauge (all mechanical gauges are this way). Do not make sharp bends. Do not cut to shorten. Keep away from exhaust heat.
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