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Tablet Memory Tire Pyrometer - Android Device® Setup

Tablet Memory Tire Pyrometer
Customer Supplied Android® Tablet

Congratulations on your purchase of the Longacre Memory Tire Pyrometer system for use with your Android® tablet.

Before downloading the Longacre app, update the Android operating system of your device to the latest OS revision. This can be accomplished by connecting to WiFi, going to settings on your device, and then clicking on Software Update.

Before you can start taking tire temps on your race car you'll need to download and install the FREE Memory Tire Pyrometer app from the Google Play Store on your Android® tablet and refer to the Operating Instructions or Quick Start below to:

  1. Pair the pyrometer with your Android® tablet
  2. Enter the SysID for your pyrometer into the App setup screen

Get it on Google Play

Search for Longacre in the Google Play Store.


Quick Setup

Pairing the Pyrometer with the Tablet


The pyrometer probe and tablet are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth® and must be paired before you can start taking tire temps.

PREPARE:  Close the Memory Tire Pyrometer app (if open).

START:  Tap the Settings icon to get to the settings page, tap Connections at the very top left, then tap the Bluetooth® icon (be sure Bluetooth® is on –slide green bar to the right ) .

At the upper right in MY DEVICE tap the empty box on the right. This temporarily allows connection to unpaired devices – your pyrometer. You have 2 minutes to complete the pairing process (plenty of time). See the countdown timer. If you do not get the pyrometer paired in this time you will need to start over. (NOTE: Newer versions of Android® may not require this step and are immediately ready to pair with the steps below.)

Once you tap this box and the timer has started, press and HOLD the Pyrometer READ button. The LED will turn red. At this point release the READ button and momentarily push it again. The LED will go out, and then come back on steady green. In a few seconds the tablet will ‘whistle’ and a message will come up “DO YOU WANT TO PAIR WITH THIS DEVICE?  Tap OK. Now open the Memory Tire Pyrometer app and enter your unique SysID as described below.


Install SysID (System ID - Secret Code)

Pyrometer SysID screen



Warranty Policy Addendum for Pyrometer Systems
With Customer Supplied Android® Tablet


For warranty or non-warranty work please return the pyrometer probe and your tablet if possible. IF WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR TABLET WE CANNOT BE SURE WE HAVE CORRECTED YOUR PROBLEM. WE REALIZE THAT SENDING YOUR TABLET OR OTHER DEVICE (NOT PURCHASED FROM US) MAY NOT BE PRACTICAL. WE WILL DO THE BEST WE CAN AND YOU WILL NEED TO FINISH THE JOB – confirm the app function, install the SysID and pair the pyrometer probe.

Refer to the Operating Instructions for complete warranty policy and information on obtaining an RMA tracking number for returning your system. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SYSTEMS BACK WITHOUT THIS RMA NUMBER.

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