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Air Cylinder Bump Stop Spring Tester Control Panel

Bump stop spring tester control panel


  • Connect your air supply line where shown above. Pressure should be at least 75 psi. The regulator will prevent over pressure. Connect the hose from the tester to the Air Out connector.
  • Install spring or coilover assembly in the tester. Adjust height with the 2 upper pins.
  • Slowly open the Macro air valve. The air cylinder will begin to move up and compress the spring. At the appropriate point stop and zero the force indicator and digital travel indicator.
  • Again, open the Macro air valve. When travel gets close to the 1.0” close the Macro valve and use the Micro valve to get to 1.0”. Record the force. Open the Macro valve to move to 2.0” and repeat as above. Continue as needed. Force can be recorded at every 1.0” or as needed.
  • When done open the Air Release Valve.

NOTES: To control the air flow into the cylinder you will need to use both the Macro Air valve (fast) and the Micro Valve (slower, more controlled). The Micro Valve is a push button, all on or all off. As you get close to your setpoint it works best to quickly push this button to let in a small amount of air. Practice this for a few minutes to get a feeling of how it works. Because of the large air cylinder there is a slight delay from when you push the Micro Air button and when the cylinder moves.

OTHER NOTES: You may notice that during the test the travel and the force readings may drop slowly. This is because as the cylinder is pressurized the air temperature inside goes up slightly. As the air cools the pressure will drop slightly and the travel and force will drop slightly. This is the nature of air cylinders and should cause no issues. It does not mean there is a leak. You can maintain the travel point by quickly pushing the Micro Valve. You can make the fill rate more controlled by adjusting the inlet pressure with the Regulator – lower is more controlled. Lift up on the yellow knob – lift and turn to adjust. Experiment to see what works best for you.

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