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Hot Lap Computer Interface and Race Analyzer Operating Instructions



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The Hot Lap Computer Interface (21620) puts all information memorized by the Performance Monitor into format acceptable to the computer. All information, complete with lap and event references can be transferred to the computer. Data transfers easily over the serial cable just like a modem, using simple serial commands. The Computer Interface consists of four parts:


A Race Analyzer program on a 3-1/2 in. floppy diskette. It is in Windows and operates with any IBM PC or compatible computer.


An integrated circuit chip that installs in the 21640 Microcomputer and activates the serial connector for communication with a PC.


A 6-ft long interconnecting cable with 9-pin D connectors on both ends. This cable plugs into the Microcomputer and the serial port on the computer.


A 9-pin to 25-pin adapter for use with computers with a 25-pin D serial connector.






The Computer Interface operates on a 286 or higher IBM or compatible PC with Windows 3.1 or higher, 1MB RAM, VGA or higher graphic capabilities, and a Windows compatible mouse. It requires a hard disk drive with a minimum of 2MB available. It outputs to any windows-supported printer, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser, and Postscript printers. It requires a serial I/O card set up for COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4. The Race Analyzer is provided on one 3.5 inch HD (1.44MB) diskette and requires a compatible disk drive.






The program is free-standing and can be run directly from the floppy without installing. To run it:


Insert diskette in floppy drive A (or B).


Windows 3.1: From Program Manager, click on File, select Run, type a:\hotlap20.exe (or b:\)


Windows 95: From Start, click on Run, select Browse, A (or B), click on HOTLAP 20






Insert diskette in floppy drive A (or B).


Windows 3.1: From Program Manager, click on File, select Run, type a:\install.exe (or b:\)


Windows 95: From Start, click on Run, select Browse, A (or B), click on INSTALL. It will install ready to run including its icon.






Start the Race Analyzer program. Connect the serial cable to the Microcomputer and to your computer serial port. With the Microcomputer off, hold down the MODE button and turn on the Microcomputer. The Hot Lap display will show LoAd Pc. On the computer, press the on-screen Download 640 icon with your mouse. Your data appears in a matter of seconds. To save data to disk, press the on-screen Save File icon, give it a name (like SEARS01) and tell it the disc you want to save to (A, B or C). To retrieve from disk, press the on-screen Open File icon and select the file.






The Race Analyzer program operates in Windows to take best advantage of the computer's printout, storage, and data handling capability. The program comes up running, ready for your performance data. Windows selected with file folder tabs at the bottom of the screen display all memorized data. Recorder and Speedometer tabs retrieve the data. Other tabs permit review of the serial link, instruction manual review and assistance information.






Recorder tab Automatically recorded lap times and MPH data. Data is shown in tabular and graphical form. To see a graph of the automatically captured speed ups and slow downs of any lap. point the mouse at the lap time shown in the window. Graph coordinates can be reset at any time with the Range button. To print a record of lap times, use your mouse to press the Lap Time print button. To print a record of the graph showing on the screen, press the Recorder printer button. Data can be printed out using your normal computer printer.


Speedometer tab Displays the manually captured memory speedometer speeds and the 21640 presets showing how the system is set up. The Memory Speedometer window displays all events recorded with the steering wheel switch. To print a record of speeds showing on the screen, press the Speed printer button. Data can be printed out using your normal computer printer.


The 21640 Setup window displays the revision level of the program you are using, and the presets loaded in the Computer Interface including:


Retrigger period (P4) adjustment in 1-second increments from 1 to 59 seconds.


Bar graph sensitivity (P6) adjustment of bar increments: 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 Revs/Bar.


Tire size calibration factor (P5) of tire diameter in 1-inch increments from 5 to 30 inches.


A Memo Pad makes 8-lines available for you to enter the text of your choice.


Serial Port tab Used to select the serial interface Com port and to TEST your connection.


Manual tab Text files of the 21620 Computer Interface and 21711 Performance Monitor handbooks, available for viewing with the Open button or downloading to a printer with the Print button.


Assistance tab Displays the phone, fax, web address and e-mail address to use to reach Serena Industries personnel to get help with system operation.






Download 640 icon Transfers data from the Performance Monitor to the computer screen.


Save File icon Saves Performance Monitor data on the disk of your choice in the name of your choice.


Open File icon Opens a file of Performance Monitor data that has been saved on disk.


Exit icon Shuts down the Race Analyzer program.





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