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QuickToe™ Toe-In Setting Fixture

Instructions for No. 79630 QuickToe™ Toe-In Setting Fixture (steel wheels only)

Measuring toe off the wheels is more accurate than measuring off the tires as they may have bulges in the side wall. Be sure that you do not have any bent wheels as this will also affect accuracy.

ADJUSTING QuickToe™  TO YOUR RIMS:  Unfold the lower arms until they stop. To adjust the screw-in silver “feet” to your rim hold the assembly against the rim and the lower arms are about 1” from the ground. Select one of the threaded holes on the lower arms that is closest to the outer lip of your rim. Move both (non-magnetic) feet to these holes and hand tighten. Now loosen the upper (magnetic) foot and slide it up until it also touches the outer lip of your rim. Hand tighten. At this point QuickToe™ should just fit inside the outer lip of your rim with very little clearance. The magnet in the top foot will hold it against the (steel) rim. Do the same for the second unit.

1)      Find a reasonably level place to set up your front end. Install QuickToe™ on both rims and rotate so that the lower arms are about the same distance from the ground.

2)      Use the tape measures included:  From one side (either one) extend the tapes under the car out to the other side, one on each side of the tire.

3)      Go to the other side and hook the tapes into the notches on the bottom of the lower arms.

4)      Go back to the original side; pick up both tapes – one in each hand – and guide the tape into the same notches on the bottom of the lower arms. Be careful not to move the tape sideways so that it comes out of the groove on the other side.

5)      Pull slightly on the tapes to take out any slack and read the width on both tapes. Subtract one from the other to get your toe reading. A larger reading in the front means toe-out. A larger reading in the rear means toe-in.


  • Don’t pull too hard on the tapes or you may pull the fixture off the other side.
  • Look under the car to be sure one or both tapes aren’t hitting any part of the car – oil pan, exhaust, etc. This will give inaccurate readings. Move feet on fixture up so lower arms are closer to the ground. You should only need to do this once, the first time.
  • The actual measurement is not important, only the difference from the front of the tire to the rear.

6)      Make adjustments as needed. Roll the car back, then forward before you measure again. YOU WILL NEED TO REMOVE BOTH QuickToe™ FIXTURES BEFORE YOU ROLL THE CAR. When done make sure all nuts and bolts are tight.

QuickToe Setting Fixture Instructions

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