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Kart Camber Gauge - 78100

  • Always read at the center of the bubble
  • Camber is marked in 1/4º + and -


  • Find a flat, level place to set up your front end
  • Attach the gauge to the spindle by threading onto the spindle. The round adapter will rotate on the gauge.
    Be certain the spindle threads are free of burrs. Usually there are a few extra threads on the spindle. If not you will need to remove the spindle nut and install the adapter in its place.
  • Rotate the gauge until the small vial at the end of the gauge shows level.
  • Read the camber directly on one of the two vials. Note that they are marked + and -. Read the line nearest to the center of the bubble. Each line is 1/4º. Adjust the camber as needed.
WARNING: DO NOT leave the gauge in the hot sunlight or store in a place over 120º F. Breakage of the vials could occur.
If this happens replacements can be ordered from the factory or any authorized dealer. Replacement is simple with no loss of accuracy.
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Part: #52-78100