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Computerscales 72587 Instructions


Series 'K' Computerscales Model 72587


  • Place the 4 wheel pads beside the wheels of the car. Plug the cables into the pads; cables are marked RF, LR, etc. Pads can be interchanged or used in the same location.
  • Turn on the scales and allow them to warm up for a minute. The ON button is in the lower right corner. If all 4 wheel weights do not read 0 push the ZERO button.
  • Lift the car and place the pads under the center of the tires. Shake each corner of the car up & down to settle out the chassis and any shock friction.
  • You are now ready to weigh. The 4 wheel weights are always displayed – see below. The partial weight and % of total are displayed on the right and are determined by which wheels are ‘selected’ or turned on. This is done by pushing one or more of the wheel buttons – marked RF,LR, etc. and indicated by the pointer next to the wheel weight. You can get any combination you want; left, rear, cross, front, total.



  • A “Low Battery” indicator is in the lower left corner and shows when the battery needs recharging. The recharger plugs into the front of the box. A full recharge takes 12-24 hours. The scales can be operated while recharging. Batteries will run scales 6-10 hours between recharges.
  • Don’t push the “ZERO” button when the car is on the scales. This defines zero weight. Remove the car and re-zero if needed.
  • Scale pads have a capacity of 1500 lbs. EXCESS WEIGHT MAY DAMAGE THE LOAD CELLS. Let the car down gently onto the pads to avoid shock. Don’t drop the pads.
  • A disconnected cable is indicated by ---- on the display OR the number will jump around erratically.
  • Keep the pads and the control box clean and dry. Do not use around strong magnetic fields or static electricity. Protect from lightning strikes and power surges while recharging.
  • Convert to METRIC readout by first pushing & holding LR wheels switch, then the OFF button and holding for 3 seconds. To return to English us the same procedure except use the LF instead of LR.

Computerscales display

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