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Computerscales 72623 Instructions


Computerscales Model 72623


  • Place the 4 wheel pads beside the wheels of the kart. Plug the cables into the pads; cables are marked RF, LR, etc. Pads can be interchanged or used in the same location.
  • Turn on the scales and allow them to warm up for a minute. The ON button is in the lower right corner. If all 4 wheel weights do not read 0 push the ZERO button.
  • Lift the kart and place the pads under the center of the tires.
  • You are now ready to weigh. The 4 wheel weights are always displayed – see below. The partial weight and % of total are displayed on the right and are determined by which wheels are ‘selected’ or turned on. This is done by pushing one or more of the wheel buttons – marked RF,LR, etc. and indicated by the pointer next to the wheel weight. You can get any combination you want; left, rear, cross, front, total. The kart scale reads in one half pound increments and uses a modified version of the 72588 control box.



  • A “Low Battery” indicator is in the lower left corner and shows when the battery needs recharging. The recharger plugs into the front of the box. A full recharge takes 12-24 hours. The scales can be operated while recharging. Batteries will run scales 6-10 hours between recharges.
  • Don’t push the “ZERO” button when the car is on the scales. This defines zero weight. Remove the car and re-zero if needed.
  • Scale pads have a capacity of 400 lbs. EXCESS WEIGHT MAY DAMAGE THE LOAD CELLS. Let the car down gently onto the pads to avoid shock. Don’t drop the pads.
  • A disconnected cable is indicated by ---- on the display OR the number will jump around erratically.
  • Keep the pads and the control box clean and dry. Do not use around strong magnetic fields or static electricity. Protect from lightning strikes and power surges while recharging.

Computerscales display

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