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Computerscales 7263 Instructions

Operating Instructions


  • Set up pads alongside car (they are interchangeable), connect cables marked RF, LR, etc., turn on, warm up 1-2 minutes.
  • Press ZERO if all 4 wheel weights are not at 0.
  • Put car on scales in the center of the pad to prevent rolling off (for safety purposes put car in gear or block wheels).
  • All weights and % are computed and updated automatically. There is nothing more you need to do.


To store in Memory hold the Mem Store button and push Memory 1 to 10. To recall push & hold any Memory button.

When Low Battery light flashes plug in charger. Scale will run on charger. Full recharge takes 12-24 hours. Recharge every 60 days.

Keep scales and pads clean and dry. Do not drop! Do not expose to strong static or magnetic fields.




1)        Set up scale pads next to the wheels.

Pads are marked RF, LR, etc. but can also be used interchangeably.

2)        Set up control box in a convenient place and plug into pads.

Be sure the cables go to the correct location, RF, LR, etc. and route cables to avoid tripping. Cable plugs have locking rings that can be used or left loose. A locked-on cable will not accidentally come unplugged but may be damaged if someone trips on a cable. Pads should be leveled for best accuracy.

3)        Turn on box, warm up 1 minute and push "Zero All Pads" button.

When you push any ZERO button you are defining that as zero weight:  the car MUST be off the pads.

4)        Lift car and place pads under the wheels.

The weight will be the same regardless of the location of the tire on the pad. However it is a good idea to keep it near the center to minimize the possibility of the car rolling off the pad. Put the car in gear or block the wheels. Ramps or a platen setup fixture may also be used.

5)        Shake each corner to settle the chassis.

Shock absorber friction can hold up a surprising amount of weight, changing your cross weight %. Total weight, left, and rear will be constant but cross can vary by 1% or more until settled.



To store weights in memory put the car on the scales, hold the "Mem Store" button down and press one of the Memory buttons – 1 thru 10. Weights will be stored there (even if the unit is then turned off). To recall a setup simply press and hold any Memory button.


This defines the starting point for weight. If you use the scales without starting at 0 the weights & % will not be correct. The ZERO button by the ON switch will zero all 4 pads any amount.  

Recharge Battery:

When Low Battery light flashes plug recharger in front of enclosure. Charging light should come on and will stay on as long as the charger is connected. Full recharge takes 12 to 24 hours. The scale can be used during this time. It is normally best to run off battery power to cycle the battery. This extends battery life. Recharge once a month during the off season.

NOTE: This system has a “Universal Charging Circuit” which will let you charge the battery from almost any type recharger – from 6 to 18 volts, 500ma or more, any polarity. You can also connect to an external battery.


Indicator Lights (near ON button): 

Power:  Indicates power is on to the circuit board. If this does not come on when ON is pushed battery is probably dead and the scale will not work. See Recharge Battery above. 

Low Batt:  Indicates battery is nearly drained. When it first comes on you have approximately 45 minutes left. The scale can be operated with the charger plugged in if the battery is low. 

Charging:  Indicates power is going into the battery. If the charger is plugged in and this light is not on the battery is not charging. Check the wall plug and the charger.


English / Metric Conversion:

To convert from English (lbs.) to Metric (kgms.) and back use the Memory Buttons (#1 – 10). Push #1 & 5 together and hold for 3 seconds. The display will change slightly and the scale will beep to indicate change. Kgms. are displayed in ½ kgm. units.


Partial Weight %:

The system is pre-programmed to display the following partial weights:  Left weight & %, Rear weight & %, Cross weight & %, and Total weight. If you would like a different combination – Right & Front for example – it can be reprogrammed at the factory to any combination you wish. (This was different in earlier 7263 units.)

Computerscales 7263 display

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