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No-Sweep™ Spindle Adapter

Installation Instructions

The “No Sweep” caster camber gauge has a ‘bar’ on the face of the black screw-on adapter. This engages with the groove in this Spindle Adapter to position the gauge correctly on the spindle. This allows you to read caster directly without turning the wheels. It is installed inside the tubular spindle, sticking out 1/16” to engage the ‘bar’.

To install this Spindle Adapter (one is installed in each spindle) you will need to know what the caster is on each spindle and install the Spindle Adapter so the gauge reads caster correctly. An easy way to do this is to use another caster camber gauge to check what the caster currently is (see below for an alternate method).

Step1: The Spindle Adapter is held inside the spindle by tightening the single Allen bolt in the center with a 1/4” Allen wrench. As you tighten this bolt the triangle shaped ‘feet’ around the outside will expand to hold the Spindle Adapter in place. See Figure A.

Step 2: Tighten this bolt (a drop of BLUE Loctite™ will keep the bolt tight) until the Spindle Adapter will just slide into the spindle and rotate the feet so they are equally spaced around the outside. Install it in the spindle so that it sticks out 1/16”, the bottom of the groove is flush with the end of the spindle, and the groove is approximately level (ideally close to the same angle
as your caster). Tighten the center bolt. See figures B & E.

Step 3: Now install the gauge, screwing it on to the spindle, engaging the bar on the face of the screw-on adapter with the groove in the Spindle Adapter. Hand tighten only. Read the caster on the gauge. If it does not read the correct caster remove the gauge and loosen the 4 small round headed Allen screws inside the face of the Spindle Adapter. This allows the face of the Spindle Adapter to rotate slightly and is for fine adjustment. Snug up these 4 small screws so that you will still be able to turn the face of the Spindle
Adapter. See figure C.

Step 4: Reinstall the gauge (hand tight again) and rotate the gauge until the caster reads correctly (as you rotate the gauge you will also rotate the Spindle Adapter face). Remove the gauge tighten the 4 round head screws. Reinstall the gauge to confirm the correct reading. If you do not have enough fine adjustment with the 4 round head screws loosen the center bolt and rotate the entire Spindle Adapter slightly. Repeat the fine adjustment as needed. See figure E.

Do the same for the other spindle.

If you do NOT know what your caster is you will need to adjust your spindle to 0º caster. This can be done by first adjusting as close to 0º as you can by ‘eyeball’. Install the “No Sweep” gauge (w/o the Spindle Adapter), turn the wheels 20º in one direction (either is OK). rotate the gauge until caster reads 0ºO, and read the camber. Now turn the wheels back past center to 20º the other direction (a total of 40º), rotate the gauge again until caster reads 0º, and read the camber again (don’t read it in the middle). If the caster is 0º the camber will be the same at 20º in either direction. Read just the caster until camber reads the same when turned 20º each direction (again, for now, don’t read in the middle). Once you have 0º caster proceed to Step 1 above.

No sweep adapter Fig A


No sweep adapter Fig B


No sweep adapter Fig C


No sweep adapter Fig D


No sweep adapter Fig E

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