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No-Sweep™ C/C Gauge

Instructions For “No-Sweep™” Caster/Camber Gauge for “Wide 5” and “Tubular 5 on 5” Spindles, 1-13/16” Thread

Use of this gauge requires spindle adapter kit 78402.
If you have already modified your spindle to use a previously built “No-Sweep” gauge you will not need this Spindle Adapter.

  • Find a flat, level place to set your front end. Front wheels must be pointed straight ahead. This is very important.
  • Remove the dust cap and thread the black adapter onto the spindle. The indexing bar inside the adapter will engage with the notch in the spindle adapter.
  • Read the CAMBER directly on one of the two vials on either side of the gauge. Note that they are marked + and -. Read the line nearest to the center of the bubble. Each line is 1/4º.
  • Read CASTER directly as above. Note the vial is marked + and - caster. Read the line nearest to the center of the bubble. Each line is 1/2º.
    With the “No Sweep™” gauge it is not necessary to turn the wheels 20º in each direction.
  • Make adjustments as needed, shake the car up and down and roll the car back, then forward again. Recheck readings.

NOTE: Adjusting the caster may have an effect on the camber and vice versa. Double check all your settings before finishing. Be sure to tighten all suspension bolts when done.

Do Not leave the gauge in the hot sunlight or store in a place over 120º F. Breakage of the vials could occur. If this does happen replacement is simple and easy with no loss of accuracy. Replacement vials can be ordered from any authorized dealer or the factory.

No sweep caster camber gauge



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