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AccuLevel™ Digital Level (version 1)

Operating Instructions

Acculevel version 1
AccuLevel™ version 1



AccuLevel version 1 display


AccuLevel™ (ver. 1) Digital Measurement from 0.0° to 90.0°


Turn On:  Push "SWITCH" (hold 1 sec.) AccuLevel™ display shuts off after 5 minutes to extend battery life.

To hold reading:  Push "KEEP" (hold 1 sec.) The reading will be held on the display, indicated by H. Push "KEEP" again (hold 1 sec.) to go back to active reading.

To calibrate:  Place AccuLevel™ on a reasonably level table top. Let it stabilize for 10 seconds. Push "TEST". CAL1 will appear on the display. Turn around 180° in the same spot, let it stabilize again for 10 seconds, and push "TEST" again. Display will show CAL2, then go back to normal degree display. You are done.

MODE:  AccuLevelhas 3 different modes. 1) is the primary mode and shows absolute degrees to .1 (1/10) degree. Modes 2 & 3 are used in construction trades. Mode 2 is the % of 45° and Mode 3 is inches per foot of slope. 

SOUND:  Push this button and AccuLevelwill beep when it gets to 0° or 90°.

Shut the unit off when done to save battery life.
This version does not have an automatic shutoff.

Do not drop the unit. Keep it clean and dry and avoid strong electrical or magnetic fields. Do not push 2 buttons at once.

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