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Digital Caster / Camber Gauge with AccuLevel™ version 2

Operating Instructions

Digital caster camber gauge version 2

  1. Find a level place to set up your front end. This unit reads camber very accurately. Unlevel ground will affect that accuracy.
  2. Attach the gauge to the spindle. Be sure that the surface you attach to is machined square to the spindle and doesn't have any nicks or burrs.
  3. Rotate the gauge until the small vial on the top of the gauge shows level.
  4. CAMBER: Turn on the AccuLevel™ Digital Readout by pushing “ON/OFF”. Camber is read directly on the display to .1º (1/10º). See separate AccuLevel™ instructions if needed. On the left side of the display a triangle pointing up indicates negative camber (top of tire in). A triangle pointing down indicates positive camber(top of tire out). Race cars usually use negative camber on RF and positive camber on LF.
  5. CASTER is measured with the vial on the top - from 4º negative to 12º positive. First turn the wheels 20º to the right when setting the RF or 20º left when setting LF. Rotate the gauge until it is level.
  6. Turn the knurled nob in the center until the center caster vial reads 0º. Now turn the wheels back past center to 20º the opposite way - for a total of 40º. Rotate the gauge again to level (DON’T turn knurled knob). Read the Caster directly on the vial. Read to the center of the bubble. Each line is 1/2º.
  7. Adjust the caster and camber as needed. Each time you make a change bounce on the front end to settle the suspension. NOTE: Adjusting the caster may have an effect on the camber and vice versa. Tighten bolts & double check all settings.
    CASTER NOTE: If you wish to measure caster to .1º (1/10º) on the digital readout please see supplemental instructions. Caster measured with the vial on top is to 1/2º.

Caster camber instructions ver 2

See the separate instructions below for the AccuLevel™ if needed. It can be removed and used for other measurements. Simply slide AccuLevel™ out (it’s held in place with magnets).


Do Not leave the gauge in the hot sunlight or store in a place over 120º F. The digital display may not be readable and/or breakage of the vials could occur due to heat expansion.
Once it cools down the digital display should be visible again. Replacements for broken vials can be ordered from any authorized
dealer or the factory. Replacement is quick and simple with no loss of accuracy.


OPTIONAL: Setting Caster To .1º (1/10º)

  1. To set CASTER more precisely using the AccuLevel™ digital readout (instead of the vial) first turn the wheels 15º (this is different than when using vial type gauges) to the right when setting the RF or 15º left when setting LF. Rotate the gauge until it is level.
  2. Turn on the AccuLevel™ and push ZERO to zero degrees at that point (shows 00.0º).
  3. Turn wheels back to center and continue to 15º in the other direction (a total of 30º). Again this is different than when using vial type gauges. The 15º must be done accurately. An error of even 1 or 2º turning will give a noticeable caster error. Consider turnplates for the best accuracy.
  4. Rotate gauge to level. Read the digital display and DOUBLE THE NUMBER FOR (TOTAL) CASTER, accurate to .1º. For example display reads 1.8º x 2 = 3.6º caster.

Using 15º rather than 20º wheel turning is sometimes better on race cars. On some front ends it can be difficult to turn the wheels a full 20º, which will cause an error in the caster reading. Gauges are calibrated to use either 15º or 20º turning and cannot be interchanged.

Digital caster only

AccuLevel™ can be removed and used for other measurements. Simply slide it out (it’s held in place with magnets).

Acculevel version 2 display

Turn on: Push ON/OFF. AccuLevel™ is ready to use. ABS will appear on the display if the unit is in Absolute Angle Measurement Mode.
If it does not display ABS push ZERO.

Zero: The ZERO button is ONLY used to compare one angle to another. Place AccuLevel™ on an angled surface and push ZERO. The display will go to 00.0 and ABS will disappear. Move to a different surface to compare angles. FOR NORMAL USE ABS MUST BE ON DISPLAY. Push ZERO again to go back to Absolute Angle Measurement (ABS) Mode.

To hold reading: Push “HOLD”. The display will show HOLD and flash . When HOLD stops flashing (approx. 6 sec.) the reading is held on the display. AccuLevel™ must be held very steady during this 6 seconds. Push “HOLD” again to go back to absolute reading.

To CALIBRATE: Place AccuLevel™ on a reasonably level table top (does not need to be perfectly level). Push ON/OFF and hold for 6 seconds and release. Push ON/OFF again and - 1 - appears on the display. Push ZERO. - 1 - will begin to flash and in a few seconds - 2 - will appear. Turn unit around 180º in the same spot and push ZERO again. - 2 - will begin to flash and in a few seconds normal readings will reappear. Calibration is now complete. This takes less than 30 seconds.

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