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AccuLevel™ Digital Level (version 3)


Operating Instructions

Acculevel digital level version 3


AccuLevel™ version 3

Acculevel digital level version 3

Turn on: Push ON/OFF. (see “M” button Modes below). AccuLevel™ shuts off automatically after 10 minutes to save battery life. Batteries should last a year or more in normal use. See back side for battery door. Replace with 2) AAA alkaline batteries. Recalibrate when you change batteries.

Zero: AccuLevel™ maintains its zero when shut off and DOES NOT REQUIRE ZEROING.

Compare one angle to another: The "C" button is used to compare one angle to another. Place AccuLevel™ on a surface and push "C" . The display will go to 00.0 and the trapezoid will disappear. Move to a different surface to compare the difference. Push "C" again to return to normal use.

To hold a reading: Push “HOLD” and release. The display will show H and flash. When H stops flashing (approx. 5 sec.) the reading is held on the display. Push “HOLD” again to go back to active reading. NOTE: AccuLevel™ MUST be held absolutely steady during this 5 seconds.

To CALIBRATE: Place AccuLevel™ on a reasonably level surface (does not need to be perfectly level). Turn on, then push ON/OFF again and hold for 5 seconds until the unit shuts off. Turn on again and -1- will appear on the display. Now push C-1- H will begin to flash and in a few seconds -2- will appear. Turn unit around 180º  in the same spot and push "C" again. -2- H will begin to flash and in a few seconds normal readings will reappear. Calibration is now complete.

M” button - to change Modes: Normally AccuLevel™ displays º of tilt. It can be set to display “Slope” which is in % (100% slope = 45º). Push "M" to go into this mode and back to º tilt. Once in either mode AccuLevel™ will stay there until you change it.

Do not drop the unit. Keep it clean and dry and avoid strong electrical or magnetic fields. Do not push 2 buttons at once. If it will not be used for several months remove batteries.

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