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Digital Kart Camber Gauge with AccuLevel™ version 3


Digital Kart Caster Camber Gauge AccuLevel v3


Digital Kart Caster / Camber Gauge with Acculevel™ version 3


Operating Instructions

  1. Find a level place to set up your front end. This unit reads camber very accurately. Unlevel ground will affect that accuracy.
  2. Attach the gauge to the spindle by screwing onto the extra threads outside the nut. If there are none remove the nut and screw the adaptor on until the the hub is tight. When done reinstall the spindle nut and pre-load bearings as required.
  3. Rotate the gauge until the small vial on the top of the gauge shows level.
  4. CAMBER: Turn on the AccuLevel™ Digital Readout by pushing “ON/OFF”. Camber is read directly on the display to .1° (1/10°). See separate AccuLevel™ instructions if needed. On the left side of the display an arrow pointing up indicates negative camber (top of tire in). An arrow pointing down indicates positive camber (top of tire out). Race cars usually use negative camber on RF and positive camber on LF.
  5. CASTER: To set caster more precisely using the AccuLevel™ digital readout first turn the wheels 15° (this is different than when using vial type gauges) to the right when setting the RF or 15° left when setting LF. Rotate the gauge until it is level.
  6. Turn on the AccuLevel™ and push ZERO (may be marked “C” on some models) to zero degrees at that point (shows 00.0°).
  7. Turn wheels back to center and continue to 15° in the other direction (a total of 30°). Again this is different than when using vial type gauges. The 15° must be done accuretely. An error of even 1 or 2° turning will give a noticeable caster error.
  8. Rotate gauge to level. Read the digital display and DOUBLE THE NUMBER FOR (TOTAL) CASTER, accurate to .1°. For example display reads 4.8° x 2 = 9.6° caster.
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