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AccuTech™ Tach Installation and Operation

44385 AccuTech™ Sportsman 10K Memory Tachometer

Memory Tach

For standard and electronic ignition systems, 12 volt, negative ground, 4, 6, or 8 cylinder, 4 cycle. NOT for magneto or Accel BEI or Laser ignition systems.

White wire:

Power for gauge back lites. Connect to ignition switch so they shut off with motor.

Red wire:

Power to run tach. Commonly connected to ignition switch so tach shuts off with motor.

Green wire:

Signal wire. Connect to ignition system.
• Electronic ignition box - connect to “Tach” terminal on the box
• Other electronic and point systems connect to Negative (-) side of coil (NOT big coil wire!).

MSD™ ignition? - see warning below

Black wire:

Ground. Connect to engine or frame. Very important. Many tach problems trace back to an improper ground connection.

MSD™ Warning
DO NOT connect tach to an MSD™ coil. Unrepairable damage may occur and will void Warranty. Connect to “Tach” terminal on box.

connect any wires from the tach to any spark plug wire or coil secondary wire! The tach may be damaged beyond repair and Warranty will be voided.

Sportsman tach wiring

To Operate Tach

Push “Reset” before going out the first time:
(Black button) This erases the previous memory.

After a run push “Recall” to see highest RPM:
(RED button) The ignition switch must be ON to recall. However you can shut off the ignition, turn it back on, and still retain the reading. Push “Reset” before going back out.

Change to 4 or 6 cyl use:

This is done from the front unlike other tachs. Turn on ignition to power tach. Press and HOLD BOTH Reset & Recall buttons. Pointer will jump to 10,000 RPM, then drop to 0 (continue to hold both for 10 seconds). Pointer will go up to 8000 RPM, indicating 8 cyl. (you can now release both buttons). Push Recall to change. 6000 = 6 cyl., 4000 = 4 cyl. When you get the setting you want push Reset to save setting. Tach will return to normal function.

Misc. Notes:

• Be sure all electrical connection are tight. Clean the surface for ground connection. Use insulated connectors or soldered.
• Mount tach where it will not receive excess vibration or heat.
• If wires go thru the firewall use a grommet to prevent chafing and shorts. Keep wires away from exhause heat.
• Tach is water resistant but NOT waterproof. If you wash the car out cover the tach to keep it dry.

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