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Digital Caster / Camber Gauge with AccuLevel™ version 4 and QuickSet™ Adapter

Operating Instructions

ADJUSTING THE QuickSet™ TO YOUR RIMS: Unfold the lower arms until they stop. To adjust the feet to your rim: Hold against the rim with the gauge at approximately spindle centerline. Select one of the threaded holes on the lower arms that is closest to the outer lip of your rim. Move both feet to these holes and hand tighten. Now loosen the upper foot and slide it up until it also touches the outer lip of your rim. Hand tighten. At this point QuickSet™ should just fit inside the outer lip of your rim with very little clearance.

  1. Find a level place to set up your front end. This unit reads camber and caster very accurately. Unlevel ground will affect that accuracy.
  2. Hold the QuickSet™ against the wheel and rotate the gauge until the small vial on the top of the gauge shows level. BE SURE WHEELS ARE POINTED STRAIGHT AHEAD WHEN SETTING CAMBER.
  3. CAMBER: Turn on the AccuLevel™ Digital Readout by pushing ON/OFF. Camber is read directly on the display to .1º (1/10º). See separate AccuLevel™ version 4 instructions if needed. On the left side of the display an arrow pointing up indicates negative camber (top of tire in). An arrow pointing down indicates positive camber (top of tire out). Race cars usually use negative camber on RF and positive camber on LF.
  4. CASTER is measured with the AccuLevel™. First turn the wheels 15º to the right when setting the RF or 15º left when setting LF. Rotate the gauge until level. The 15º must be done accurately. An error of even 1 or 2º turning will give a caster error.
  5. Turn on the AccuLevel™ and push CASTER, then ZERO. The display will flash. Now turn the wheels back past center to 15º the opposite way - for a total of 30º. Rotate the gauge again to level. Read the Caster directly on the AccuLevel™ to 1/10º. CASTER NOTE: This amount of sweep - 15º - is different from vial type gauges.
  6. Adjust the caster and camber as needed. Each time you make a change bounce on the front end to settle the suspension. NOTE: Adjusting the caster may have an effect on the camber and vice versa. Tighten bolts and double check all settings.


See separate instructions for AccuLevel™ version 4 if needed. It can be removed and used for other measurements. Simply slide AccuLevel™ out (it’s held in place with magnets).


NOTE: If display flashes on and off AccuLevel™ is in Caster mode and will not read absolute angles correctly. Push CASTER button to exit Caster Mode.

Digital caster only  


Do Not leave the gauge in the hot sunlight or store in a place over 120º F. The digital display may not be readable. Once it cools down the digital display should be visible again. Replacements for broken vials can be ordered from any authorized dealer or the factory. Replacement is quick and simple with no loss of accuracy.

AccuLevel™ (ver. 4) Digital Measurement from 0.0° to 90.0°

AccuLevel version 5

NOTE:  This Ver. 4 AccuLevel™ has 2 modes of operation. 1) In Normal angle measurement mode the display is steady.  2) In Caster Mode the display flashes (and will not measure absolute angles). Push CASTER button to exit Caster mode and go back to Normal angle measurement.

Turn On:  Push ON/OFF. AccuLevel™ shuts off automatically after 15 minutes to save battery life. Batteries should last a year or more in normal use. See back side for battery door. Replace wtih 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Recalibrate when you change batteries (see below).

Zero:  Acculevel™ maintains its zero when shut off and DOES NOT REQUIRE ZEROING.

Compare one angle to another:  The ZERO button is ONLY used to compare one angle to another. Place AccuLevel™ on a surface and push ZERO. The display will go to 00.0 and the trapazoid will disappear from the display. Move to a different surface to compare the difference. Push ZERO again to return to normal use.

To hold a reading:  Push HOLD and release. The display will show H and flash. When H stops flashing (approx. 5 sec.) the reading is held on the display. Push HOLD again to go back to active reading. NOTE:  AccuLevel™ MUST be held absolutely steady during this 5 seconds.

To calibrate:  Place AccuLevel™ on a reasonably level surface (does not need to be perfectly level - a table is OK). Turn on, then push ON/OFF and hold for 5 seconds until unit shuts off. Turn unit on again and -1- will appear on the display. Now push ZERO. -1- H will begin to flash and in a few seconds -2- will appear. TURN UNIT AROUND 180° IN THE SAME SPOT and push ZERO again. -2- H will begin to flash and in a few seconds normal readings will appear. Calibration is now complete.

Caster: (CASTER)  AccuLevel™ will display front suspension Caster when used in a specially designed Caster/Camber gauge (click HERE or see Longacre catalog). See gauge instructions for details.

Display backlight:  (LIGHT)  AccuLevel™ Version 4 has a display back light.

DO NOT DROP THE UNIT. Keep clean and dry and avoid strong magnetic fields. Do not push 2 buttons at once (except to calibrate - see above). If it will not be used for several months remove the batteries.

AccuLevel Digital Level

AccuLevel negative camber

AccuLevel positive camber

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