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Pit Impact Gun - 686 Series


Cordless Pit Gun - Models 68602 - 68610

Quick Start Instructions

  • Charge Batteries - Insert battery into charger and plug cord into wall. Red light on charger will come on indicting charging. Green light will come on when charging is done. (If red light is not on, battery is NOT charging.)
    • Disconnect battery from gun by pressing both sides of battery at the same time in the grey area inside the yellow.
    • If batteries sit unused for more than 2 months recharge.
    • Let a hot battery cool down before recharging.
  • Using Gun - Forward and reverse are controlled by the side-to-side button just above the trigger. Middle position is off. Don't switch while trigger is pulled.
    • Gun is designed for normal to heavy duty use on a race car. If gun becomes too warm to comfortably hold let it cool off before further use.
  • Care - Always use eye protection. Keep gun, batteries & charger clean and dry. Do not drop. See full instructions for important safety & maintenance information.

NOTE:  The variable speed trigger reduces the "kick" when you pull the trigger with no load. It does not affect torque.

Pit gun charger


Charge batteries before use.

It may take 2 or 3 full charges to get full battery capacity on new batteries.

Download Pit Gun Operator's Manual

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