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Robic SC-808 Stopwatch


Robic SC-808 Stopwatch

Operating Instructions


A - Start/Stop

B - Lap·Split/Reset

C - Release/Advance

D - Backlight

E - Mode

F - Recall/Set



The SC-808 has four (4) primary modes of operation. Normal Time, Speed Chrono, Stopwatch and Countdown Timers.


Ø       Time of day in hours, minutes, and seconds

Ø       Calendar with day, month, and date

Ø       Alarm time

Ø       Alarm, chime, AM/PM indicators

Ø       12 or 24 hour time option

Ø       EL backlight

Press (E)



Ø       25 hour timing with 1/100 second resolution

Ø       Set distance 0.001 to 999.999 mi/km

Ø       Speed from 0.001 to 999.999 mph/kph

Ø       200 lap, on demand memory of lap speed, time and number

Ø       Lap counter to 999

Ø       Average speed of multiple laps

Ø       Fastest lap and slowest lap time/speed

Ø       Displays current running lap time

Ø       Time-out (pause) timing

Ø       EL backlight

Press (E)



Ø       25 hour with 1/100 second resolution

Ø       Dual display of lap and split times

Ø       User selectable running lap or accumulated split times

Ø       Lap counter to 999

Ø       200 dual split memory, on-demand

Ø       Average, fastest, and slowest lap times

Ø      EL backlight

Press (E)



Ø       Two (2) independent countdown timers can be operated simultaneously or independently

Ø       Countdown repeat or countdown stop

Ø       Alarm signals completion of countdown time

Ø       Working range from 1 second to 24 hours

Ø       Timer reset during countdown operation

Ø       EL backlight

Ø       Normal time display

Back to Normal Time…Press (E)


Pressing (D) at any time during any operation will activate the Electro-Luminescent (EL) Backlight function for viewing at night and in low light or no light situations. Once pressed, the EL backlight will illuminate the display for three (3) seconds with a light blue, back lighting.

IMPORTANT:  Please use the EL backlight as needed, but note it will reduce the product’s batter life.


The starting point for operating your watch is NORMAL TIME. If NORMAL TIME is not displayed, press (E) until it appears.

To set the alarm, normal time and calendar, press (E) Mode/Select until the display appears as follows:

To begin the setting process, press and hold (F) until alarm hours begin to flash in the upper row of the display.

ALARM HOURS:  Press and hold (C) to advance alarm hours, the “A/AM” or “P/PM” indicator adjusts automatically.

ALARM MINUTES:  Press (E) and alarm minutes appear flashing. Press or hold (C) to advance.

NORMAL TIME SECONDS:  Press (E) and normal time seconds appear flashing. Press or hold (C) to reset to all zeros.

NORMAL TIME HOURS:  Press (E) and normal time hours appear flashing. Press or hold (C) to advance.

NORMAL TIME MINUTES:  Press (E) and normal time minutes appear flashing. Press or hold (C) to advance.

MONTH SETTING:  Press (E) and the month (1-12) digits appear flashing. Press or hold (C) to advance.

DATE SETTING:  Press (E) and the date (1-31) appears flashing. Press or hold (C) to advance.

DAY SETTING:  Press (E) and the day appears flashing. Press or hold (C) to advance the day of the week, MO(Monday), TU(Tuesday), WE(Wednesday), TH(Thursday), FA(Friday), SA(Saturday) and SU(Sunday).

12/24 HOUR OPTION:  The time may be set to operate in AM/PM (hours 1-12) or on a 24 hour basis (hours 0-24) To set the (12) or (24) hours, press (E) after setting the day and either 12H or 24H will appear on the display. To select 12 or 24, simply press (C) until the 12H or 24H indicator appears.

The alarm time will be displayed in the format (12H/24H) selected.

After setting, press (F) to exit the setting mode. All digits (except seconds) will appear frozen.


(1)   You may complete the setting process at any time by pressing (F).

(2)   If you wish to set any particular function (alarm, time, calendar) press and hold (F) for three (3) seconds. Then press (E) until that digit(s) appears flashing. Press (C) to advance that function then press (F) to complete the setting process.

(3)   “Smart Calendar:  After setting the calendar, the SC-808 will automatically adjust after the last day of each month to the first day    of the next month, taking into account months with fewer than 31 days.


The alarm can be armed (set to go off) to sound once per day. The alarm symbol (((·))) will appear when the alarm is armed.

The hourly chime in your watch can be armed (set to go off) to sound one (1) beep every hour on the hour. The chime indicator (D) will appear when the hourly chime is armed.


With your watch in NORMAL MODE (no digits appear flashing):

(1)     Press (C) and the alarm symbol (((·))) appears, armed to sound the alarm at the time set (i.e. 7:30A).

(2)     Press (C) again and the alarm symbol disappears and the chime symbol (D) appears.

(3)     Press (C) again and both the alarm and chime symbols appear.

(4)     Press (C) again and both symbols disappear (alarm & chime are disarmed).


The speed chronometer will compute and display speed in MPH/KPH as a function of distance and time.

To enter the speed mode from normal time, press (E) once. If the speed timer is running, stop timing by pressing (A) once. Reset the display to all zeros by pressing (B).

The display appears as follows:

How to determine and enter the distance

The first step is to enter the distance correctly. The speed timer will not work unless a distance is entered.


Distance is entered as the decimal equivalent of a mile or kilometer from 000.001 to 999.999. For example, enter 2 ½ miles/kilometers as 002.500, 1/3 as 000.333, 1/8 as 000.125, etc.


You may convert feet to the decimal equivalent of a mile, i.e., 187 feet is entered as 000.035 (187 divided by 5280 = 000.035).


Convert meters to kilometers as follows:  230 meters is entered as 000.230 (230 divided by 1000 = 000.230).

Enter distance

To enter the distance when the timer is stopped and reset to zeros, proceed as follows:


(1)  Press and hold (F) for three (3) seconds until “MILE” or “KM” appears flashing above the upper row of digits in the display. Press (C) until the desired unit of measurement (mile or km) appears.

(2)  Press (E) and the first digit of the distance scale  (Row 2) 000.000 appears flashing. Advance the digit (0-9) by pressing or holding (C) until the desired digit appears. Once set, move to the second digit by pressing (E) once. Change the second digit by pressing (C).

Continue to set each digit on the distance scale until you have entered the correct distance. Press (F) to end the distance setting process. The distance set will appear and no digits will be flashing.

The illustration shows as distance of 2 ½ (2.500) miles entered.


(1)  Should you need to set any particular digit on the distance scale, press (F) until “MILE” or “KM” appears flashing. Then press (E)  until the correct digit appears flashing. Change the digit(s) by pressing (C). To end the setting procedure, press (F).

(2)  The maximum setting distance is 999.999 miles or kilometers.

(3)  The speed timer will not work unless a distance has been entered.

Under normal use, the battery in the SC-808 (Lithium type CR2032, or equivalent) will power your stopwatch for 1 1/2 - 2 years. Excessive use of the EL backlight could significantly shorten this battery life. 

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