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Rear End Brake Bracket Installation - P/N 22836

Installation Instructions for

Part Number 22836


  • Clamp brake bracket in place on rear end tube (axle). Precise placement is required.
  • Remove the two 3/8"-24 bolts from the top cap and the bracket.

  • Use a center punch through the holes to mark the rear end tube for drilling.

  • Remove the bracket, and drill hole using a (Q) .332 drill bit.

  • Place the bracket back in position (use center punch through the holes for exact placement.

  • Tighten bracket assembly firmly in place.

  • With the bracket fully tightened and exactly placed, run a 3/8"-24 tap through the bracket and cap into the rear end tube. This ensures that the threads in the bracket and those in the rear end tube will line up properly.

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