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Air Dryer Instructions - P/N 50570


Air Dryer Instructions


To activate the system:

  1. Press the release tab, rotate the locking ring counterclockwise to disconnect and pull it back slightly.

  2. Remove the bowl from the head along with the perforated metal shield.

  3. Open 2 packets of drying compound and carefully pour into the bowl. DON'T GET ANY COMPOUND INTO THE CENTER TUBE. Tap gently to settle if the compound overflows the bowl. It is important to use all the compound.

  4. Replace the bowl on the head, replace the lock ring by pressing the release tab and rotating clockwise until it clicks. BE CERTAIN THAT IT IS RECONNECTED PROPERLY BEFORE PRESSURIZING. 150 psi MAX.

  5. Color of compound changes from blue to pink as it absorbs moisture. When nearly completely pink it must be changed or recharged. Fresh compound will fill 100 - 200 tires depending on moisture in line.

Don't open the compound packages until you are ready to recharge the system. Once opened it immediately starts to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Compound turns pink when saturated with moisture. Saturated compound may be recharged by spreading it out on a flat cookie sheet and placing in an over at 350° for 45 minutes.


What do "Air Dryers" actually do?

They use a specially formulated crystalline compound that absorbs moisture vapor. Air or other gas flows through and around the compound crystals and comes our virtually moisture free.


Note if you are using bottled nitrogen:

Normally commercially bottled nitrogen (and most other bottled gases) are moisture free already. Using this dryer will not hurt by may offer little benefit. However, if there is any moisture present it will be removed.


You may occasionally notice traces of very fine white powder in the air lines after the dryer. This is trace residue of the drying compound and will do no harm.

Note:  If your air compressor system contains a significant amount of oil and/or liquid moisture (as opposed to gaseous water vapor) you will need to install a filter and water trap before the dryer. If liquid moisture or oil enter the dryer the compound like will be shortened greatly.

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