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Memory Tire Pressure Gauge - 50380

Quick Start Instructions

For PN 50380 Memory Tire Pressure Gauge

To Use As A Traditional Tire Gauge

  • Turn on, ZERO as needed & take pressures. To hold pressure on display store in any Memory and recall - See below.
    DO NOT ZERO with pressure on gauge. ZERO means '0' pressure.
  • Use backlight as needed. (Note: shortens battery life if used excessively)
  • Low battery indication is shown on display (replace with 9 volt).
  • Range - 1.5 to 100.0 psi max - by .1 psi.

To Use Memory

  • Turn on, ZERO as needed. Select wheel - RF, LR, etc. - using wheel buttons.
    LED will light up. Select Hot (LED red) or Cold (LED green). See below.
  • Take pressure reading. With pressure on display push "Store in Mem" button.
    Select next wheel, repeat above. Gauge will store 4 Cold & 4 Hot pressures.
  • To recall select wheel & hot/cold, push "Recall from Mem" button.
  • To erase 1 wheel Hot or Cold just store another pressure. To erase ALL pressures push "Erase All Mem" button & hold for 2 seconds.


  • This unit can be easily recalibrated in the field, for example, to match the tire company's standard gauge. Call for info.
  • In bright sunlight shade the display to see the LEDs.
  • Use good quality alkaline 9 volt battery. Remove aluminum rear cover to replace.
  • Unit shuts off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save battery life.

Memory tire pressure gauge

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