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Standard Memory Tire Pyrometer Instructions

Quick Start Instructions

See full instructions for details and further information.

  • Plug in probe:  Note wide and narrow spades on plug. Do not force it.
  • Turn on & clear display:  Any temps must be cleared to take new readings. Save old temps in Memory if needed. Push CLEAR DISPLAY button and hold for 2 seconds.
  • Order of temps:  Temps must be taken in the following order:  RF, RR, LR, LF. Take outside first, center, then inside. Active temp is indicated by an arrow.
  • Taking temps:  Stick probe into tire and push READ button. Leave the probe in the tire until the display temp moves to the next location. Pyrometer will read the correct temp, freeze it on the display and move to the next location (pyrometer will not read properly if you move too soon – see full instructions below). RE-READ button backs up 1 location.
  • Store in memory:  Push STORE IN MEMORY button & Memory # at the same time.
  • Recall memory:  Simply push and hold any Memory #.
  • Clear memory:  Push CLEAR MEMORY & Memory # at the same time and hold for 2 seconds.
  • Care:  Be careful of probe tip. Keep pyrometer dry & out of extreme hot or cold.

Standard Memory Pyrometer Operating Instructions

Order of Temps Recorded

This pyrometer is programmed to automatically record 12 tire temps in a specified order. You must take the temperatures in this same order. Start with the RF, then RR, LR and LF. Do the outside first, the center, then the inside.

Anticipation Mode

This pyrometer has special circuitry that will actually determine the final temp more quickly and accurately than ordinary pyrometers. Simply stick the probe into the tire and push the READ button immediately. No need to wait for the reading to stabilize – the microprocessor will do this for you. This is called “Anticipation Circuitry” because it electronically anticipates – computes – the final stabilized temp based on the rate of temp change of the probe. Almost instantly the pyrometer will double beep and move on to the next temperature location on the tire. WAIT UNTIL THE DISPLAY CHANGES TO MOVE THE PROBE. This system gives you more accurate and consistent readings and helps minimize the variations caused by different people’s style of taking tire temps.

IF YOU PREFER TO TAKE TEMPS IN THE TRADITIONAL WAY – waiting for the temps to stabilize on the display and then record the readings – this pyrometer can be reset to operate this way. All other functions will remain the same. To change to traditional mode hold down Memory buttons #1 & 10 at the same time for 2 seconds. The operating system will change so that when the READ button is pushed the actual temperature at that time will be recorded. No “Anticipation” of the final temp will take place. The unit will stay in this mode even if shut off. To change back to anticipation mode repeat the above procedure.

To Take Temperatures

Turn the pyrometer on. If any temps from your last session are there they must first be cleared before you can take any new temps. If you wish to save them they can be stored in one of the Memory locations 1 – 10. See below.

TO CLEAR DISPLAY:  Push CLEAR DISPLAY button and hold for 2 seconds. The following message will appear:





If you do want to save these in Memory QUICKLY RELEASE the CLEAR DISPLAY button. Once the display is cleared those temps are lost. See below to save in Memory.

BEGIN:  The display should now be blank except for the upper right temp location (Right Front outside). An arrow (>) indicates the active temp.  Stick the probe into the outside edge of the tire and push the READ button. LEAVE THE PROBE IN THE TIRE UNTIL THE DISPLAY MOVES TO THE NEXT LOCATION. You don’t need to wait for the temps to stabilize. The pyrometer will double beep, freeze the temp on the display and move to the next location. Move the probe to the center of the tire and repeat. Take the remaining temps in the same way. After you have finished the last one (Left Front inside) all temps on the display will be frozen.

MISTAKES:  If you make a mistake and don’t feel that the last temp you took is correct you can “back up” one or more locations. Push the RE-READ button as many times as needed. Any temps in location(s) will be erased.

MORE TEMPS:  To take more temps it will be necessary to clear the display. You may want to save these temps in one of the Memory locations. Temps on the display will stay until you clear them, even if the unit is powered off.

TO STORE TEMPS IN MEMORY:  When you have taken a full (or partial) set of temps, you can store them for recall later. Simply push STORE IN MEMORY AND any Memory button – 1 – 10 AT THE SAME TIME. A double beep will indicate that these temps are stored. If there are already temps in this Memory location a message will display:





You may choose another Memory # OR if you no longer need those temps in Memory push CLEAR MEMORY AND that Memory number button at the same time and hold for 2 seconds. A double beep will indicate that the Memory location has been cleared. Now you may store the current temps in that Memory location.

TO RECALL TEMPS:  Simply push and hold any of the Memory buttons.


  • The probe tip must be small to give rapid response. There is no other way to do it. This makes it somewhat delicate and easily damaged! Please treat the probe with care and don’t allow it to get bent. Use the yellow probe protector.


  • This unit shuts off automatically 5 minutes after the last button is pushed. However no temps are lost. Simply turn the unit back on and continue.
  • A low battery indicator comes in the display. When needed replace with a good quality Alkaline 9 volt battery. The door is on the bottom side. In normal use the battery should last 3 months or more.
  • Temperature limit of the probe is 300° F. A different model reading in °C is available. Contact the factory or your dealer.
  • For reference: One beep indicates that you have pushed a button, two beeps indicates that the pyrometer has done something – Cleared Display for example and three beeps indicates an error of some sort.
  • Several pre-programmed messages may appear to inform you of options. They will be self explanatory.
  • For consistent readings always measure the tires the same distance from the edges and push the probe into the tire to the same depth each time.
  • The probe plug has a wide and a narrow spade. Do not plug the probe in backwards. If you do the pyrometer will read reversed – the hotter the probe gets the lower the temps will read.
  • Keep this unit out of extreme heat or cold. If the pyrometer is very cold the display response time may be slower. This does not affect its ability to accurately measure temps. The electronics are fully temperature compensated. Take readings in the normal way. In extreme heat the display may not be visible. Allow it to cool off and recheck. Do not leave in direct sunlight for an extended time.
  • A quick calibration check can be made with boiling water. Temp should read 208° to 212° F, depending on your altitude above sea level.

Memory pyrometer display

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