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Computerscales Matrix™

Instructions for Model Numbers 72602 & 72607


  1. Set up pads along side car. Scale pads are marked RF, LR, etc. They are closely matched and can be interchanged if desired.
  2. Connect cables from control box - note RF, LR, LF, etc. The locking nut on the connector can be used or not.
  3. Turn on control box, allow to warm up for a few seconds. Push Zero. This defines "0" weight. DON'T PUSH ‘ZERO’ AFTER CAR IS ON SCALES.
  4. Lift car and place pads under the wheels. For more accurate readings "shake" car up & down at each corner to settle out shock or suspension friction.


  • Keep the system clean and dry. Do not drop either the pads or the control box.
  • Route the cables so that no one trips and they do not get run over by floor jacks.
  • Store in a clean, dry place. Recharge battery as needed or at least every 60 days.
  • A cable disconnect is indicated by "---".
  • Scale capacity is 1500 lbs. per wheel.
  • Keep away from static electricity.

Computerscales Matrix

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