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Computerscales Wireless DXI™

Instructions for Model Numbers 72710, 72711, 72724, 72725, 72755, 72695


  1. Set up pads along side car. Scale pads are marked RF, LR, etc. and must be used at that location.
  2. Turn on each pad. Push Orange button or Rocker Switch on the side of the pad. The Green LED will start to flash.
  3. Turn on control box. The control box will search and "find" the pads and weights will appear. This takes 5 - 10 seconds.
  4. Push Zero. This defines "0" weight. DON'T PUSH ‘ZERO’ AFTER CAR IS ON SCALES.
  5. Lift car and place pads under the wheels. "Shake" car up & down at each corner to settle out shock or suspension friction.
  • Control box shuts off after 1+ hour. Push ON/OFF to turn back on (DO NOT re-zero unless car is off pads)
  • If you turn off just the control box after 1 minute pads go into "standby" mode. If control box is turned back on within 1 hour pads will go back to active. If the green LED is out you will need to turn the pads back on also.
  • Green LED on pad shows power. Flashing fast is normal operation. Slower flash indicates "standby" mode waiting for control box to be turned back on. Red LED indicated low pad batteries.
  • A pad not communicating with the control box is indicated by "- - -".
  • Keep the system clean and dry. Do not drop either the pads or the control box. REMEMBER - there are electronics in the pads that could be damaged by rough handling.
  • Store in a clean, dry place. Keep away from static electricity.

Computerscales Wireless DXI


Most #s listed: 1500 lb (650 kgm) per pad.
#72755 kart scale: Do NOT exceed 400 lbs. (180 kgm)
Excess weight can damage the load cells.


Remove 4 small screws in the plate on the bottom of the black enclosure - marked Batteries . Replace with 6 quality AA alkaline batteries (always replace all batteries). Be sure polarity is correct. The coil spring goes to negative end.


Remove 2 Phillips head screws on the bottom of the pad on the opposite end to the transmitter - black box with orange button. You will see the battery holder just inside the pad, marked "BATTERY". Slide it out between the upper and lower platforms. Remove the small silver screw on the black battery holder and slide the lid off. Replace with 3 quality AA alkaline batteries and reinstall (always replace ALL batteries in a pad - recommend you change batteries in 4 pads).


Convert to Metric or Change Weight Resolution:

Turn on system. Press ST button (see below) and hold for approx. 6 seconds until the 4 line display changes to below: You must press this button firmly. If this Units display does not come up use the Scroll arrows to find it.

Computerscales DXI units

Press Continue button to select Units Menu. Use Scroll Arrow to switch from lbs. to kgm. Press Continue button to confirm selection. You will then go back to the display above.

OPTIONAL - change the Weight Resolution: Press the up Scroll Arrow until you come to the following display:

Computerscales DXI resolution

Press Continue to select this menu. Use the up and down Scroll Arrows to select 1 lb.(no decimal), .5 lb. or .1 lb. resolution - OR
1 kgm (no decimal), .5 kgm, or .1 kgm. We do not recommend selecting .1 lb or .1 kgm with 1500 lb. capacity 15" pad systems. It is intended ONLY for kart systems with smaller, lower capacity pads.

Press Continue button to confirm selection. You will then go back to the display above. Press On/Off to save all changes and go back to normal function.

These settings will stay until you change them again...

Computerscales DXI metric

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