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AccuTech™ Sportsman™ Gauges

Installation Suggestions

Sportsman™ Pressure Gauges:

  • Install line fittings on gauge before installing in panel. Use 2 wrenches as shown so that you don't distort the gauge case (will cause gauge not to read properly).
  • Use only a small amount of thread sealant. Excess sealant can get inside the gauge, causing low or no reading.
  • Don't over tighten the fittings (check for leaks after starting motor).
  • Install the gauge in the panel. Tighten self-locking nuts just enough so that the gauge won't turn by hand. Don't over tighten.
 Accutech Sportsman gauge installation

Sportsman™ Temperature Gauges:

  • Install the gauge in the panel. Tighten the self-locking nuts just enough so that the gauge won't turn by hand. Don't over tighten.
  • Route the sprial line to stay away from headers or any moving linkage. Coil up any extra line behind the dash.
  • This line has a small copper tube inside. Don't kink, twist or bend it sharply or it may break.
  • Install the fitting in the intake manifold and the line into the fitting. Again, please don't over tighten (will fit most other brands of manifold fittings). Check for leaks after starting motor. 3/8" & 1/4" NPT fittings are available if needed.


  • If needed connect back light red wires to the ignition switch so they will be off when you shut the motor off. The gauge must be grounded. This normally happens automatically when you install it in a metal panel. If not, run a grounded wire to a gauge mounting stud.
  • If there is excessive motor vibration it may be necessary to install some type of vibration damper between the panel and the mount.


  • Oil or fuel pressure gauge does not read:  Check for excess sealant inside the fitting on the back of the gauge. This can block pressure into the gauge. Clear with small wire or drill.
  • Oil or fuel pressure gauge only goes part way to actual pressure:  Check for gauge case distortion during installation of line fittings. Use a wrench to bend back to original.
  • Temp gauge does not read:  Gauge line to motor may have been damaged by kinking or bending on too tight a radius (smell of ether present). Please be careful not to damage gauge line during installation; it cannot be repaired.
  • Gauge back lights or warning lights do not work:  Panel is not grounded. Run ground wire from gauge.
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