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Computerscales Wireless Accuset™

Instructions for Model Number 72700


  1. Set up pads along side car. Scale pads are marked RF, LR, etc. AND MUST BE USED AT THAT LOCATION ONLY.
  2. Turn on each pad. Push Orange button on front of black transmitter on the side of the pad. The Green LED will start to flash.
  3. Turn on control box. The control box will search and "find" the pads and weights will appear.
  4. Push ZERO. This defines "0" weight. DON'T PUSH ‘ZERO’ AFTER CAR IS ON SCALES.
  5. Lift car and slide pads under the wheels. For more consistent cross weights "shake" car up & down at each corner to settle out shock or suspension friction.

Computerscales Wireless AccuSet

Convert to Metric:

  1. Turn on control box. There is a “hidden” button at the upper left of the face. It is hidden because it is rarely used and allows the user to get into System Test mode. There are 2 possible locations for this unmarked hidden button, depending on age. See below. If you push in one location and get no response or hear no beep try the other. When you push in the correct location you will hear a beep.
  2. Find the hidden button and hold it for 6 seconds until the display changes. If you accidentally release it you must start the 6 seconds over. When you push it you will hear a beep to indicate you have activated it. You will need to press firmly. This is done so that it will not accidentally be activated in normal use.
  3. After 6 seconds the display will change. See at left. It will say UNITS (lbs. or kgm). If UNITS does not come up push Partial % button until it does. Push the ZERO button to activate this selection. The display will change to units kgm or lbs. See below.
  4. Push the Partial % button to change from lbs to kgm to get your preference.
  5. Push the hidden button again to confirm and save selection. Display will change back to UNITS. Push ON/Off to resume normal operation. This selection will stay until you change it again.

Computerscales AccuSet metric


NOTE: If service is ever needed please call factory first. You may be able to send back just the Wireless portion of the system, saving freight.

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