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Tire Fill Station - P/N 50585

Tire Fill Station Instructions


  • Turn off valve where air line connects. Connect air line - 150 psi MAX. Air line supply should be moisture free. See our #50570 Air Line Drier, if needed.


  • Connect hoses to tires. Chucks are the "clip-on" style. Note they are marked Right and LeftTHE FIRST TIME THE FILL STATION IS USED, BE CERTAIN TO SET THE REGULATORS BELOW 60 psi. Turn the yellow knob counterclockwise to lower the setting. Open valve.


  • Turn yellow knob to set desired tire pressures for each side of the car. They can be the same or different. Push knob down to lock adjustment. Filling takes 2 - 3 1/2 minutes. Close valve before disconnecting air hoses.

WARNING: If the regulators are not set properly BELOW 60 psi the tires could over inflate and explode, causing serious injury or death.


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