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Toe-In Bar

Assembly and Operating Instructions

Toe-in bar assembly


Once the gauge is assembled slide it under your car in front of the wheels if you run toe-out or behind the wheels if you run toe-in. Rotate the tool so the uprights are vertical. Position the Non-Measuring End so that it just touches the widest point of the tire. Go around to the other side and position the Measuring End so that it is also pointed at the widest part of the tire. Loosen the upright at the tube and slide it in until it touches the tire. Clamp it down. You won’t need to move this again until you go to another car. Now loosen the knob on the top. Slide the Outer Measurement Tube in until it is firmly against the tire. The Inner Measurement Rod will be fully inside the tube. Tighten the knob. Now move the bar to the other end of the tire. As before position the Non-Measuring End at the widest part of the tire. On the other side position the Measuring End the same. Slide the Inner Measuring Rod toward the tire until it touches. Count the number of black rings showing. Each ring is 1/16”.

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