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Adjustable Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure Senders

Pressure sender

Instructions for setting adjustable oil pressure and fuel pressure senders

Install sender: Can be installed on the engine or on the back of the gauge. Use sealant and check for leaks when you are done.

WARNING: Leaking fuel or oil can start a fire which will cause serious bodily injury or death. Check periodically. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure a leak free installation.

Wire sender: Connect a wire from the warning light to the terminal on the sender. The other side of the light should be connected to  the ignition switch. Switch is self grounding.

Setting sender: Remove the rubber plug in the top of the sender. At the bottom of the hole is a hex nut. Use a 7/32” Allen wrench to adjust. Turn clockwise to increase pressure, counter-clockwise to lower. Replace rubber plug when done.

An easy way to adjust the sender is to turn the motor over with the starter-ignition off. The oil or fuel pressure will rise slowly.
Note the pressure where the light goes out. Adjust as needed and retest. If you try to do this by starting the motor the pressure will rise so fast you may not be able to see the set point.

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