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AccuTech™ SMi™ Stepper Motor Gauge Panel Wiring

• Single Yellow wire: To ignition switch so power to gauge will be shut off when ignition is off.
• Single Red wire: To ignition switch or other source so power is always on, regardless of ignition switch. This allows the pointer to always return to 0 when shut off.
• Black wire: Connect to ground (this connection is important as many problems are caused by poor ground).

These gauges are not intended to be waterproof. Cover gauges if car interior is to be washed down.

Use only on 12 or 16 volt systems with negative ground.

 SMi stepper motor gauge

To set warning light points hold both buttons on lower front of gauge for 5 seconds. Red LED will come on steady. This is the first setpoint. Use the buttons to raise or lower this setpoint as shown by the pointer. When you get the setting you want stop pushing the buttons. After 5 seconds of no button being pushed the Red LED will start to flash. This is the second setpoint. Adjust as above. After 5 seconds of no button being pushed the gauge will resume normal function. (Oil pressure only – there is a third setpoint. Here the Red LED continues to flash and the gauge backlight flashes also. Set as above.)

REMOTE WARNING LITE: The Oil Pressure gauge (#46540 & 44594) and 0-100 psi Fuel Pressure (#46538) have two additional wires coming from the harness. They operate an optional 12 volt external warning light that can be mounted on the left side of the dash or as preferred. Wire colors are brown and green. They are identified.



• Pressure Sensors
The pressure sensor(s) MUST be mounted on a firewall mount on the outside of the driver’s compartment to be eligible for warranty replacement. This way there is no oil or fuel in the driver’s compartment for safety. Mounting the pressure sensor(s) to the engine can cause the sensor to prematurely fail. Extra sensors are available.

Oil pressure: Sensor This sensor is connected from the sensor block to the engine in the usual place by using a flexible line of your choice.

Water/oil temperature: Sensor can be mounted on the motor in the usual place or in the radiator. Included is an adapter that installs directly into a traditional mechanical gauge style manifold fitting. If you wish the sensor can be removed from this adapter and installed directly in the manifold. It has a 1/8” NPT thread. If longer wire is needed (marine, etc.) splicing is acceptable. Make solid connections.

• There is no separate sensor for the volt gauge.


These gauges are reasonably heat resistant but may be damaged by excessive radiant heat from the exhaust system. If you mount your gauges or panel directly into the firewall so that the gauges and wiring are exposed to the engine compartment YOU MUST BUILD A SHIELD to protect them from radiant exhaust heat.

These gauges are not intended to be waterproof. Cover gauges if car interior is to be washed.

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