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Computerscales Wireless Accuset II™

Operating Instructions

  1. Set up pads along side car. Scale pads are marked RF, LR, etc. and MUST be used in this location.

  2. Turn on the pads - see the orange rocker switch. The LED will flash green. Turn on control box. After 10-15 seconds the pads will link and weights will show.

  3. Push Zero. This defines "0" weight. DON'T PUSH ‘ZERO’ AFTER CAR IS ON SCALES. Low batteries in pads are indicated by the LED showing red.

  4. Lift car and place pads under wheels. For more consistent cross weights "shake" car up & down at each corner to settle out any shock or suspension friction.

  5. System shuts down after 90 minutes to extend battery life. If needed simply turn back on. DO NOT RE-ZERO unless car is off scales.


Computerscales Wireless AccuSet II

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