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Air Cylinder Bump Stop Spring Tester - 4000 lb
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Air Cylinder Bump Stop Spring Tester - 4000 lb
Part #: 52-73500
Charger Option:

Air Cylinder Powered - with Total Control of the Travel Rate - Fast or Slow

Move fast with the macro valve to compress the spring quickly - use the micro adjustment valve to move very slow - easily get to .001" for more accurate readings.

This is NOT an "air over oil" style hydraulic tester. Those typcially have no fine movement control and tend to be slow overall.

Quicker tests

Easier on your arms too

  • Rate bump stops, sets preload
  • Change springs and keep ride heights and wheel weights the same
  • Test coil-over assemblies or just the springs
  • Digital force and travel measurements (1lb. and .001")
  • Includes a spring "Unloader" attachement to remove and install very soft springs (LF) and 2 collars (1 for each spring)
  • 4000 lb. capacity by 1 lb. - 10" travel by .001"
  • Optional wheel stand kit raises the base 20" off the ground - 2 wheels allow easier movement (PN 73503)
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