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Wide Range Coil Spring Tester
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Wide Range Coil Spring Tester
Part #: 52-73507
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Wide Range Billet Aluminum Coil Spring Tester

Long stroke (20") jack lets you test spring rates throughout their entire range, from unloaded to full compression.

No need to stop in the middle of a test to reset a short stroke jack.

  • 20" digital travel indicator by .001"
  • 3000 lb. capacity by 1 lb.
  • Check coilover assemblies against the bump stops
  • Rate progressive rate springs throughout their entire range
  • Test complete coilover assemblies or springs only + 5 & 5-1/2"
  • Comes with coilover mounts and also 5 & 5-1/2" cups

Metric option: Choose the metric with 220V charger option above and we'll configure it to display in kilos and substitute the appropriate charger.

California Proposition 65 Statement

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