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1 1/4"  Large Spacing Coil-Over Spring Rubber
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1 1/4" Large Spacing Coil-Over Spring Rubber
Part #: 52-61016
LS Spring Rubbers

Longacre Large Spacing Coil-Over Spring Rubbers for your big bar soft spring set-up.

These days, most all racers are using the new style coil-over springs that have fewer coils, therefore giving you more spring travel before you coil bind.

With these new spring rubbers, you can now fill that larger gap between coils to fine tune your set-up!

  • Fine tune your spring rate for the perfect setup
  • Make quick adjustments during practice or on pit stops
  • Used by virtually all Sprint Cup teams in every race
  • 1 1/4" thick


Choose the color of spring rubber above

  • Orange - Soft
  • Red - Medium
  • Blue - Hard

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