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Coil and Valve Spring Testers

Valve Spring Tester - 1400 lbs.
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Valve Spring Tester - 1400 lbs.
Part #: 52-73511
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Heavy Duty rigid design top quality machine tool for more accurate readings makes this the best automotive valve spring tester available!

  • Valve spring pressure from 0 to 1400 lbs. by 1 lb. increments
  • Valve spring travel from 0.000" to 4.000" in .001" increments
  • Positive stop to make repeated spring checks at the same height
  • 1/10th of 1% accuracy on both spring pressure and travel
  • Check valve springs up to 4 3/8" tall
  • Check valve springs with or without retainer
  • Spring travel and pressure can be zeroed at any point
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Rechargable battery with charger - run on battery or 110 volt

Metric option: Choose the metric with 220V charger option above and we'll configure it to display in kilos and substitute the appropriate charger.

 Note: Batteries not included. Please purchase (2) CR2032 batteries for use. 

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