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Coil and Valve Spring Testers

Bump Stop Spring Tester - 5000 lb
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Bump Stop Spring Tester - 5000 lb
Part #: 52-73501
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The Longacre Advantage

  • Extra HD High Capacity Jack
    • Screw-in plug to check oil level
    • Long handle for easier pumping
  • Billet Aluminum Frame and Base
    • Extra rigid for accurate readings
    • Recess in base to hold small parts while you are working
  • Unloader Attachment Included
    • To remove/install very soft springs
  • Modified Shock Pins
    • Easily and accurately measure shock center-to-center distance, right on the tester


Bump Stop Spring Tester

11" STROKE - You can test springs to full compression coil bind - all in one setting.

  • Check coilover assemblies against the bump stops
  • Test complete coilover assemblies to 28" - OR - springs only
  • Change springs and keep ride heights and wheel weights
  • Long billet handle for easier pumping
  • Extra HD high capacity jack for reliable performance
  • Screw-in plug to check oil level
  • Recess in base to hold small parts while you are working
  • Includes 2 shock unload collars (PN 73509)
  • 5000 lb. capacity by 1 lb.
  • 12" Digital travel indicator - to .001"
  • Digital force and travel readouts
  • Comes with coilover mounts and also adapters for 5" & 5 1/2" springs

Comes with attachment to unload coilover springs to remove from shock or install bump stops

Metric option: Choose the metric with 220V charger option above and we'll configure it to display in kilos and substitute the appropriate charger.

Optional Wheels Spring raters are heavy, bulky and can be difficult to move around. Easily attach these wheels to your spring rater so you can take it with you to the track.  (Image above shown with optional wheels - not included.)


Determining Bump Stop Wheel Load Rating

Accurately Changing a Spring Using a Bump Stop Spring Rater

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