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Memory Tire Pyrometer Wireless Probe (No Tablet)
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Memory Tire Pyrometer Wireless Probe (No Tablet)
Part #: 52-50745
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The Longacre Advantage

  • Use your Longacre Computerscales Tablet as a Memory Pyrometer
    • Download the free app to your Wireless or Hybrid scales tablet (or your own Android™ tablet), pair the Wireless Tire Probe with its unique secret code and it becomes a feature rich Memory Tire Pyrometer
  • Displays all 12 Current Temps plus 99 Memory Sets
    • Store up to 99 sets of temps and scroll up/down on the main screen to compare with current temps
  • Computes Tire Temperature Averages
    • Just swipe the screen and get averages for any selected temp set - All 4 wheels, Left side, Right side, Front & Rear
  • Anticipation Mode
    • Exclusive precision algorithm to predict the ultimate temperature
    • Makes taking all 12 temps even faster and more accurate
  • Note Taking / Named Memory 
    • Name your memory locations - title, date, track, etc. - Your choice
    • Keep a record of the changes made and the results or enter your complete setup specs - caster/camber, stagger, toe, tire pressures, shocks, etc. - Notes are tied to the memory location
    • Add, edit or delete notes as needed - virtually unlimited space available
  • Wireless Adjustable Tip Probe
    • Probe attached to lightweight clipboard or can be removed - Hand the tablet to the crew chief or driver - Indicator light on the probe lets you know when the temp is recorded and you can move to the next one
  • Save to File
    • Save all your stored temperatures and notes with the tap of a button - Easily email, upload to a cloud drive or connect to PC for download

Get it on Google Play    Pyrometer app icon

Download the latest Memory Tire Pyrometer app to your Android OS tablet and try the features in DEMO mode before ordering this system (tablet is not included).

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