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AccuLevel™ Pro Model Digital Level (version 5)

AccuLevel™ (ver. 5) Digital Measurement from 0.0° to 90.0°

AccuLevel version 5

NOTE:  This version 5 AccuLevel™ has 2 modes of operation. 1) In Normal angle measurement mode the display is stead. 2) In Caster Mode the display flashes (and will not measure absolute angles). Push CASTER button to exit Caster mode and go back to Normal angle measurement.

Turn On:  Push ON/OFF. AccuLevel™ shuts off automatically after 5 minutes to save battery life. Batteries should last a year or more in normal use. See back side for battery door. Replace wtih 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Some versions may need recal when you change batteries.

Zero:  Acculevel™ maintains its zero when shut off and DOES NOT REQUIRE ZEROING.

Compare one angle to another:  The ZERO button is ONLY used to compare one angle to another. Place AccuLevel™ on a surface and push ZERO. The display will go to 0.0. Move to a different surface to compare the difference. Push ZERO again to return to normal use. See note in image above.

To hold a reading:  Push HOLD and release. The display will show H and flash. When H stops flashing (approx. 5 sec.) the reading is held on the display. Push HOLD again to go back to active reading. NOTE:  AccuLevel™ MUST be held absolutely steady during this 5 seconds.

To calibrate:  Place AccuLevel™ on a reasonably level surface (does not need to be perfectly level - a table is OK). There are 2 different versions with slightly different calibration methods. Try one. If it doesn't work use the other one. In both, the unit must remain absolutely steady during the process.

  • Version 1:  Turn on, then push ON/OFF and ZERO at the same time. -1- will appear on the display. Now push ON/OFF. -1- will begin to flash and in a few seconds -2- will appear. TURN AROUND 180° IN THE SAME SPOT and push ON/OFF once again. -2- will begin to flash and in a few seconds normal readings will appear. Calibration is now complete.
  • Version 2:  Turn on, then push ON/OFF again and hold for 5 seconds until unit shuts off. Turn unit on again and -1- will appear in the display. Now push ZERO. -1- H will begin to flash and in a few seconds -2- will appear. TURN AROUND 180° IN THE SAME SPOT and push ZERO again. -2- H will begin to flash and in a few seconds normal readings will reappear. Calibration is now complete.

Caster: (CASTER)  AccuLevel™ will display front suspension Caster when used in a specially designed Caster/Camber gauge (click HERE or see Longacre catalog). See gauge instructions for details. Display flashes when in Caster mode. Push CASTER to exit and return to normal angle measurement.

Display backlight:  (LIGHT)  AccuLevel™ Version 5 has a display back light. Push LIGHT.

DO NOT DROP THE UNIT. Keep clean and dry and avoid strong magnetic fields. Do not push 2 buttons at once (except to calibrate - see above). If it will not be used for several months remove the batteries.

If the AccuLevel™ is rotated multiple times, turned, or shaken just before use it may display 888888888 for as much as 10 - 15 seconds as it goes through the process of reorientation. This is normal. It will probably not happen each time the unit is used.

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