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Tablet Memory Tire Pyrometer

Download the complete Tablet Memory Pyrometer Operating Instrucitons

Quick Start

Press and hold the ON button (upper right side) for 3 seconds to turn on the tablet. Tablet takes about 15 seconds to load the Android® operating system.

Pyro app icon  Tap the round Pyrometer app icon on the Home Page to launch the Memory Tire Pyrometer app.

While the app is loading push the READ button on the probe body (black tube). When the active temp comes up on the tablet (large number – upper right), you are ready to begin taking temps. The LED just above the READ button will flash green.

This pyrometer uses our exclusive “Anticipation Mode” to speed your temp measurements. You don’t need to wait for the temps to stabilize before moving to the next one.  The Pyro app software does this for you, more quickly (very important) and more accurately.

Start taking temps at the RF outside. Push the probe into the tire and immediately push the READ button. After a second or two the LED will flash red, and then return to green. This indicates that the temp has been read. You will see it on the Temps Just Taken line.  Move to the center of the tire and push READ again. Repeat for the inside. Now move to the RR and again start at the outside, center, then inside. Finish with the LR then LF. All 12 temps will be displayed on the Temps Just Taken line.

The default order of taking temps is RF, RR, LR & LF. If you wish to take them in a different order tap the wheel buttons in the middle – LF, LR, etc.

When done with all 12 temps you must save them to Memory or Erase them before you can take any more temps. To save, scroll and tap to highlight a Memory number. Then tap Save on the screen to save those temps to that memory number. If you do not want to save them tap Erase, then Erase Current and Yes. You can now take another set of temps. The app will hold 100 sets of temps (the current set of temps taken plus 99 memory numbers). Swipe up or down to scroll and access all of the memory sets.

To turn off pyrometer, close app. Power off tablet if needed. Press and hold the ON button for 3 seconds. Tap Power off and then OK.  The Probe will turn off by itself.

After 30 minutes without use the tablet will go into Sleep Mode (display dark). Tap the ON button to wake the tablet and push READ to restart the Probe. To save tablet battery power you can put it into Sleep Mode by tapping the ON button.

The tablet has a rechargeable battery which lasts approximately 8 hours, recharger included. The probe uses 3 AA batteries which will last approximately 35 hours. Remove the black end cap and the Phillips head screw to change. See location and polarity on the side.

Tablet memory tire pyrometer

Tire Temp Averages

Swipe to the left to view the Tire Temp Averages screen. Swipe to scroll and select the Memory Number for a set of saved temps and view the averages.

Display shows current memory set selected, averages for all 4 tires, left side, right side, front and rear.

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