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Computerscales XLi Tablet Wireless Pairing Instructions

To pair the LF pad with the tablet


PREPARE:  On the LF master pad there is a tiny hole just under the LED. There is a switch inside. Get a paper clip and bend one end straight. Insert it into this hole. You will feel the switch ‘click’ if you push it. Be gentle.


START:  To ‘pair’ LF Master pad with the tablet (remember – the LF is the only pad that communicates with the tablet – you only pair this one.) Turn the tablet on but don’t launch the app now. Tap the Settings icon to get to the settings page, tap Connections at the very top left, then tap the Bluetooth® icon (be sure Bluetooth® is on –slide green bar to the right ) .


At the upper right in MY DEVICE tap the empty box on the right. This temporarily allows connection to unpaired devices – your LF pad. You have 2 minutes to complete the pairing process (plenty of time). See the countdown timer. If you do not get the pad paired in this time you will need to start over.


Once you tap this box and the timer has started use the paper clip to depress and HOLD the internal switch in the LF pad. While holding, turn the pad on. CONTINUE TO HOLD THIS INTERNAL SWITCH. The LED will flash red, then go to steady green for 2-3 seconds, then to steady red. At this point release the internal switch (paper clip), push it once more and release quickly. The LED will go out, then come back on steady red. In a few seconds the tablet will ‘whistle’ and a message will come up “DO YOU WANT TO PAIR WITH THIS DEVICE?  Tap OK. LED will change to steady green. Now open the app. Within 5-10 seconds the connection will be made, the LED will flash green, and the tablet will display weights. If it does not reboot the LF pad  -  off, then back on. If it still does not function – display weights – your security system ID (SysID) may have been corrupted. Refer to the Enter SysID section in the Computerscales XLi® Operating Instructions and re-enter it. This is very quick and simple.

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