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Computerscales XLi Hybrid Tablet Pairing Instructions

Pairing the Control Box with the Tablet

The control box and tablet are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth®. Occasionally the pairing between the two could be lost and you will need to re-pair them. This is a very simple process that takes less than a minute.

PREPARE:  Close the COMPUTERSCALES XLI app (if open) and turn the control box off (if on).

START:  Tap the Settings icon to get to the settings page, tap Connections at the very top left, then tap the Bluetooth® icon (be sure Bluetooth® is on –slide green bar to the right ) .

At the upper right in MY DEVICE tap the empty box on the right. This temporarily allows connection to unpaired devices – your pad control box. You have 2 minutes to complete the pairing process (plenty of time). See the countdown timer. If you do not get the control box paired in this time you will need to start over.

Once you tap this box and the timer has started, press and HOLD the control box ON button. The LED will turn red. At this point release the ON button and momentarily push it again. The LED will go out, and then come back on steady green. In a few seconds the tablet will ‘whistle’ and a message will come up “DO YOU WANT TO PAIR WITH THIS DEVICE?  Tap OK. Now open the COMPUTERSCALES XLI app. Within 5-10 seconds the connection will be made and your weights should display.

If it still does not function – display weights – your security system ID (SysID) may have been corrupted. Refer to the Enter SysID section in the Computerscales® XLi Hybrid Operating Instructions and re-enter it. This is very quick and simple.

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