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Spline Hub Quick Disconnect

WARNING! If this quick release hub is not installed properly it could allow the wheel to come off while on the track, possibly causing serious injury or death. It is the installer's responsibility to be certain the hub is installed properly and will release properly after installation.

This steering shaft spline has a second safety engagement groove.

To put the wheel on pull the Disengagement Ring up toward the driver, align the splines and push the wheel & hub on until it bottoms. Release the Ring to lock. Pull Ring up to remove wheel.

Refer to image below or download printable version for welding recommendations.

After installed thoroughly check Quick Release operation. If it does not release smoothly and easily check the bolt length, welding of steering shaft spline or anything else causing bind. Check the operation each time you use for it for proper connection.

Use bolts AND all washers included. - If you leave out either washer or use a different bolt the hub may not release properly! Other bolts may thread into the body too far, contact the release mechanism and affect its operation.


Spline quick release hub

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