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Switch Panel Wiring Instructions

  • Brown wire - to battery or power source (you can pick up power at the starter motor)
  • Yellow wire - to your ignition system (also tap into this wire for accessories such as dash lights, GAGELITES™, or anything else you want to shut off with the motor) 

  • Green wire - to your starter solenoid

* Lights are grounded to the panel. The panel must be grounded thru attachment to a chassis grounded component or by removing the black wire held in contact with the panel by the switch and attach to frame or roll cage.

The panel is wired so that the starter button only works when the ignition switch is ON. To change it so the starter button works with the ignition switch ON or OFF reverse the brown and yellow wire on the back of the panel.

SAFETY NOTE:  If you make this change use extreme caution when working inside the car. If you accidentally push the starter button the motor will turn over, possibly moving the car and the fan and belts will turn, in either case possibly injuring someone.

The front of the panel is sealed from dirt and moisture. If the backside of the panel will also be exposed it is advisable to seal the switches and terminals with a good silicone sealer.

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